My Anti Virus Strategy

Note: I am not a doctor, nor a homeopathic practitioner.
I am an Alternative & Folk Medicine fan and believer.
I thank for posting info about Monolaurin and Coconut Oil on his website here. I thank Hamid at Vitality Health Foods here Hamid was very helpful and informative and is quite an expert.


lauricidin-jar-8ozgg.png (14795 bytes)The Monolaurin product Hal Turner mentioned at left here is expensive now in the USA, there appears to be a shortage and price gouging.
monolaurin_ecological88.png (24124 bytes)There is a cheaper Monolaurin product available from Walmart (online only) here from Ecological Formulas but I did not want to wait 3 weeks for delivery, and also I cannot find any information about this company yet. There is a comprehensive information page about Monolaurin, viruses, and Coconut Oil on Wikipedia here, so seeing as our bodies can convert coconut 2026_NRH_Coconut_Oil_120s3434.jpg (3165 bytes)oils INTO Monolaurin, I decided to try a quality 1,000 mg Coconut Oil supplement which is cheaper and made by a Canadian Company called New Roots Herbal. This lets me start building up some of the Monolaurin in my body by converting the Coconut Oil inside my body from the oil.


If you watch this video HERE about the lab testing of Hydroxychloroquine, towards the last 30% of this video this organika.png (32242 bytes)lab researcher talks about a HERBAL supplement called QUERCETIN! Similar to hydroxychloroquine Quercetin is also a "ZINC IONOPHORE!" What this means is that Quercetin ALSO enhances your body/cells ability to utilize and metabolize ZINC. NOTE: this is not a prescription, and this researcher is only referring to LAB results, but he mentions that in the LAB Quercetin doses of 50-100mg/day for every 1 kg of body weight appeared to inhibit the ability of COVID19 to infext and replicate itself inside of a cell. Make sure you research the internet for guidance, safe dosages, and side effects of Quercetin before you use it. Quercetin's absorption appears to be enhanced when blended with theaor.png (19994 bytes) digestive enzyme BROMELAINE. I am using 2 different Quercetin products, one WITH Bromelain, and the other WITHOUT Bromelain. I am only supplementing with about 1,200-1,500mg/day of Quercetin for the past 2 months and I am experiencing ZERO side effects. Remember your body needs to have enough ZINC in order for a Zinc Ionophore to do any good!


There is only ONE thing in the universe I had to read about IODINE to convince me that I wanted to make sure I had sufficient Iodine resources in my body. And that is that "there is NO VIRUS, GERM, OR BACTERIA known to man THAT CAN SURVIVE EXPOSURE TO IODINE!"
The formula for LUGOL'S IODINE SOLUTION has been used more than 100 years and is quite famous. You will easily find more pages about it online, literally, than you can ever possibly read. BUT YOU HAVE TO BE CAUTIOUS WITH IT, USE INCREMENTAL SMALL DOSES, READ EVERY WARNING AND OTHER THING YOU CAN ABOUT IT FIRST! CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR IF YOU HAVE OTHER SERIOUS MEDICAL ISSUES BEFORE YOU JUMP INTO IT!

berries.png (111845 bytes)If you are too afraid to play around with Iodine ~ and cautious you should definately be with Iodine ~ then fall in love with Cranberries! Because every 1 oz of Cranberries contains approximately 100 mcg of Iodine!


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With my compliments and prayers, may
our Lord, God, and Saviour Jesus Christ protect you
and all of your loved ones during this tragic global Pandemic!